Azure Search for Umbraco with ExamineX

Seamless integration of Azure Search with Umbraco

ExamineX is an Umbraco add-on to effortlessly integrate Azure Search with Umbraco.

Are you getting Lucene file locks? Startup delays when scaling out? Indexes out of sync? Downtime from index rebuilding? … All of this is solved with ExamineX.

  • Very easy to setup (install via Nuget)
  • Ideal when hosting Umbraco on Azure Web Apps
  • Perfect solution for load balancing and auto-scaling
  • Works on Umbraco Cloud
  • APIs provided for working directly with Azure Search services

With ExamineX you swap the default indexing and search engine from Lucene.Net to your own Azure Cognitive Search service.

Since ExamineX is an implementation of Examine, you can continue to use the same Examine and Umbraco APIs that you are already used to without code changes.

ExamineX is developed by the creator of Examine.

For more information this video recording is from a presentation at an Umbraco meetup covering this history of ExamineX, how ExamineX has evolved, what problems traditional Lucene has in modern hosting environments and how ExamineX solves those problems.